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Buy a house to pay the down payment, but the loan can not do down how to do? Three ways, easy to solve!

Understand why the loan is not working and fix it

When the loan can not do, first of all to find a bank clerk to understand their loan approval can not come down the reason, and then the corresponding remedy. In general, with the right remedies, banks will lend quickly.

A, credit or flow is not qualified

If it is because of the buyer’s own credit investigation or flow of water and other unqualified loans, it is suggested that you through other assets or deposit proof to improve credit. In addition, you can also apply to the bank again by increasing the proportion of the down payment and reducing the amount of the loan.

B. Incomplete information

If a loan is rejected because the information is incomplete, the borrower can collect it again and apply to the bank again. It needs to be noted that the information must be true, if false, once found, not only the loan will fail, but also may affect the future loan application.

Try changing banks

Different banks have different lending policies, in this bank to apply for a loan failure, perhaps in the lending policy more relaxed banks can be successfully borrowed money, so when the loan can not be done, buyers can try to change a bank loan.

03 Find a guarantee company

If you really want to buy the home but can’t make up the rest of the mortgage on your own, you can try to find a reliable guarantee company. However, it should be noted that the charge of the guarantee company will be relatively high, which will produce many additional costs, including handling fee, security premium, interest fee and so on.

How can we avoid the situation where the loan doesn’t work out? Keeping a good credit investigation record and credit investigation report is the embodiment of the borrower’s personal credit. A good credit investigation indicates that the borrower has good loan and repayment habits, and it is more likely to pay the mortgage on time in the future. Therefore, when the borrower applies for a loan, the bank will inquire the borrower’s credit report. Once the bad record is found, such as the personal credit report shows that there are three consecutive times or a total of six overdue records within two years, it will be included in the bad credit list, thus being rejected by the bank.Therefore, loan applicants must keep a good credit record.

Make a good running account before the loan

When applying for a loan to buy a house, the bank will ask the borrower to provide a bank account, because the bank account can directly reflect a person’s income and consumption, so as to evaluate the borrower’s repayment ability. So buyers before buying a house, to do a beautiful account for themselves.For example, by putting a certain amount of money into your bank account each month, you can increase your loan pass rate and try to avoid the situation that the loan fails.

Submit real information

The bank will strictly verify the information provided by the borrower, and if the borrower is found to have falsified the information, then the loan will certainly not be completed, and cannot be reapplied for a short time. Accordingly, true data must be submitted when applying for bank loan.

Don’t vouch for others

If you make a guarantee for others, the other party does not pay in time and runs away, then as a guarantor will also be affected by the joint effect, and in the credit record will remain stains, resulting in an impact on the subsequent mortgage business. Therefore, be sure not to vouch for others easily.

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