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Which rate is lower, mortgage loans, big banks or brokers?

Recently, some friends came to ask me about loans. What they want to know most is big banks and brokers.

Which interest rate is lower?

To be honest, I really can’t answer that question.

Low interest rates are conditional. If conditions are met, they are low.

Since most of my friends have studied abroad background, I use study abroad as a metaphor to talk about loans.

Which rate is lower, big banks or brokers?

If you want to go to college, and you ask me which one is the best in the Bay Area, and I say Stanford is the best, but you can’t get into it, so be it

It doesn’t make sense.

In the same way with loans, the choice is a two-way street. Even though the big banks have the lowest interest rate, you go with the big banks, but the big banks

If you don’t approve your loan application, it’s all in the air.

If you have good grades, social work, and awards, you will be able to sweep the board when applying to college.

Similarly, when taking out a loan, if you are a bank with a stable high-paying job, a high credit score, and a certain amount of money

Deposit money, and the big banks will give you a good rate. On the contrary, it is easy to be rejected!

If identified a certain university, it is not read, it is desperately review the exam, to achieve the admission standards of the university.

Similarly, if you must find a big bank, then ask the bank’s requirements to see if you can meet them, for example

Such as improving credit scores and bank deposits.

If you don’t want to waste time to repeat or continue to take the exam, then you should follow your own advice

With current scores, apply to a school within reach.

Similarly, if you are desperate to buy a house or don’t want to miss the opportunity, go to a broker to get a loan, even if the interest rate is high

A little, but get in the car and buy the house, and then refinance when you have the opportunity.

No Point No Fee?

When I applied for the university, my grades were not enough, so the school required me to take a one-year language course first


If the grades do not meet the requirements of the school, but do not want to study the language, then you may have to choose another poor school


Similarly, if the conditions are not good enough and the credit score is low, you can directly get a low interest rate by buying Point. Don’t want to buy

Point, take a higher interest rate.

Or in the TV series usury often say a word is “9 out of 13 return” to explain, that is, you ask the usury to borrow 10

The IOU says $100,000, but he only gives you $90,000. And you have to pay interest on the $100,000 on the IOU and pay it back

The principal and interest amount is 130,000.

That means you go to a loan, borrow 500,000, spend 10,000 to buy Point, the bank to your account is 490,000. And you,

Each month, the principal and interest will be repaid according to 500,000 yuan.

No point No fee means that there is No cost at the time of the loan. If the interest rate continues to decrease after the loan, then there is No point No fee

Borrowed (want to be separated commonly 6 months), not deficient. If you buy Point, if in a short period of time, the interest rate is even lower and you want to refinance, you buy


Point’s money was wasted.

Finally, let me stress that I am not a professional.

Big banks and brokers ask for loans, ask for professional advice and apply to college

Again, look at the requirements, prepare according to the requirements, and choose according to your own situation.

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