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How to calculate housing mortgage calculator? How much can housing mortgage loan?

Sometimes when people don’t have enough money to do something, they will take their real estate to mortgage, and then pay off the loan within the specified time. But do you know how to calculate the mortgage calculator? How much can you borrow for your mortgage?

How to calculate housing mortgage calculator

1. First of all, select whether your repayment method is equal principal or equal interest, fill in the commercial loan term, loan amount and loan actual interest rate; select whether to display repayment details, and click the “calculate” button to obtain the monthly payment amount, total loan interest and total repayment amount of each period and other details. Through the loan calculator, users can more easily calculate how much money they need to pay each month, which greatly facilitates the users.

2. The bank loan calculator: high credibility, but mainly in theory, and there will be some differences between the actual calculation. Real estate website loan calculator is mainly based on bank loan calculator.

Of course, in addition to the above classification method, the loan calculator can also be set according to the repayment method. At present, the benchmark interest rate of commercial loans with a loan term of more than five years is 4.90%. Under the influence of the policy of limited purchase and loan, banks in different regions have different preferential rates for the first home loan.

3. The interest rate of the second set of housing loans generally rose by 10%. Over the same period, the benchmark interest rate of provident fund loans was 3.25%, and the interest rate of second set of housing loans generally rose by 10%.

How much can a house mortgage loan cost

1. Generally speaking, different properties are mortgaged, and the amount of mortgage loan is different. Under normal circumstances, the mortgage of commercial housing can reach 70%, the mortgage of shops and office buildings can reach 60%, and the mortgage of industrial plants can reach 50%.

2. It is pointed out that there are many factors affecting the amount of house mortgage loan. The evaluation of real estate is an important factor that affects the amount of mortgage loan. The main factors that affect the evaluation value of real estate include the type, orientation, location, completion time, floor and so on.

3. The limit of housing mortgage loan also has a direct relationship with the assets owned by the borrower. If there is only one set of real estate, then only half of the assessed value of the real estate can be loaned; if there are multiple real estate, then 70-80% of the assessed value of the real estate can be loaned.

4. The amount of personal income will also be considered by the bank within the scope of loan factors. If the personal income is low, the bank will consider whether the borrower has enough repayment ability, and the bank will reduce the loan line.

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