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California housing mortgage loan process, Los Angeles housing mortgage loan, please note

In daily life, or enterprise production and operation, there is often a shortage of funds. At this time, most people will choose to apply for loans from the bank. However, due to the higher requirements of bank loans, many people do not meet the requirements. However, it is easier for the “homeowners” to obtain loans from banks through mortgage of real estate.

Today, let’s take a look at how to handle the housing mortgage loan

1、Apply for a loan

When a borrower applies to a financial institution for a loan, he shall state the purpose, amount and term of the loan.

2、Prepare loan information

Provide ID card, household register, income certificate, corresponding contract for personal consumption, marriage status certificate and house ownership certificate of the person and his / her spouse.

3、House evaluation

After submitting the prepared materials, the bank should carry out on-site investigation and evaluation of the mortgaged real estate according to the submitted materials.

4、Loan approval

Submit all loan approval materials, evaluation reports, or investigation and evaluation opinions to the bank for approval.

5、Notarization of loan contract

The borrower and the mortgagor shall fill in the loan contract and all relevant documents, sign and stamp their fingerprints, which shall be notarized by the notary.

6、Mortgage registration procedures

Choose the working capital of housing mortgage loan, which is welcomed by banks and other lending institutions.

To sum up, is the overall process, in dealing with housing mortgage to pay more attention to Oh~

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