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In a recent article, “The Top5 Cities in the World Rental Return Competition,” we shared our latest market research report, “Global Rental Return”, which analyzed and summarized the rental returns of 40 cities around the world.

Of those five, Houston and Orlando are the cities that people care about the most. Homes in Houston are in the $350,000 range, and those in Orlando are in the $300,000 range.

This kind of housing price, compared with several high housing price cities in the United States, Chicago is more than 1.5 million dollars, Los Angeles is more than 2 million dollars, San Francisco is more than 1.5 million dollars, Houston and Orlando in the future housing price increase, there is a lot of imagination space.

Of course, I told you today that picking up leakage is not a simple comparison between different cities. After all, the industry and population in a large city are there, which is the basic logic of high housing prices. So if you invest in Houston and Orlando, how do they choose?

My answer is: I can choose Houston without hesitation.

Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States and the largest city in Texas, has a population of 2.3 million and a GDP of nearly $600 billion, about the same as Shanghai. Economic industries include petroleum, energy, aerospace, port trade and medical industry, all of which can affect the economy and people’s livelihood.

It has recently talked of “independence” in Texas, an impossibility, but it is encouraged by the strength of the economy. Recently, several well-known American companies have moved to Texas, bringing economic growth and population growth.

Orlando, on the other hand, pales in comparison. A large proportion of its economy is taken up by tourism, with Disney as its brand, attracting more long-distance tourists. Medical City is the second largest medical city in the United States, but the largest medical city is in Houston.

So if you invest in Houston, how do you choose projects?

This is the focus of this article. Recommends everyone to dig the exclusive leak house.

Why say this is the investment project that picks up leakage. See the following figure, is the project surrounding the same location in the source of housing for sale, Zillow quotation:

The four-bedroom, two-bath house is just 140 square meters and costs a whopping $560,000. It was built in 1994.

And this one, the same four bedroom, three bath, 240 square meters, for 415,000, but it was built in 1965.

Nearby, there is also an apartment for sale, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, about 100 square meters, and the total price is $420,000.

These are the few houses I can find that are relatively low in price in the same location. But keep an eye on this new house project we’re recommending, which sells for less than 380,000 dollars.

The new house is only 300,000 RMB cheaper than the old one. After the first contact with this project, we did a market survey. Seeing such a price difference, we couldn’t imagine.

So if you do the math, the price difference for the same position is $300,000, which is almost a 10% difference. After you buy, you can be more competitive in the rental market, and you can rent at a higher price, so your rental rate of return is not higher. In addition, the location of the project, the land that can be developed is extremely limited, because it is on an island.

And the living facilities here are very mature, there are hospitals, shopping malls, primary schools and universities. Huang Yongming, the founder of North American Nuggets, lives here. If you invest, you can live next door to him.

Here are some actual shots of the project’s surroundings. For more information about the project, you can add WeChat at the end of the article for more details.

Summarize the characteristics of this investment project:

It is located in an active area of the rental market and is in great demand

Positioning high income group, stable tenants

Open a win-win model of appreciation potential and rental returns

The whole process is easy to purchase and manage, and remote investment is no longer difficult

Pick up houses, buy is to earn

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