Month: February 2021

【superrate】The conditions of California loan to buy a house

In fact, the United States does not have a policy to buy a house. Xiaobian also collates the loan conditions and materials for you to buy a house in California. You can also refer to the loan conditions for buying a house in California. Let’s have a look! However, it is not easy to buy […]

Financial knowledge: refinance

Refinance is “refinancing,” specifically the financial process of reapplying for a new loan to pay off an existing loan. The new loan will have a lower interest rate than the existing one, which will significantly help you reduce your monthly payments and improve your current financial situation and ability to pay. When do I need […]

Real estate loans and refinancing

For most of human history, borrowing money was a despicable act. Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, there is a courtier on his son’s departure instructions, which repeatedly told him not to borrow money, neither to borrow money from others, nor to lend money to others. In fact, this is also a principle that we Chinese have abided by […]