Year: 2021

What does the collapse of mortgage interest rate mean for real estate in San Diego?

Lower lending rates may make it easier for some home buyers to get San Diego homes Concerns about the coronavirus have hit U.S. stocks, while mortgage rates have plummeted in recent days, making it easier to buy homes in the expensive San Diego market. The interest rate on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage is 3.19%. […]

How to calculate housing mortgage calculator? How much can housing mortgage loan?

Sometimes when people don’t have enough money to do something, they will take their real estate to mortgage, and then pay off the loan within the specified time. But do you know how to calculate the mortgage calculator? How much can you borrow for your mortgage? How to calculate housing mortgage calculator 1. First of […]

Real estate market to cool down! Loan broker warning: fixed mortgage interest rates began to rise!

When home lending rates hit record lows last summer, some mortgage brokers warned that fixed mortgage rates were starting to pick up, though only slightly. James Laird, co-founder of ratehub, a financial products comparison website, and President of canwise financial, a mortgage brokerage, said that as the real estate market prepared for the busy spring […]

【superrate】The conditions of California loan to buy a house

In fact, the United States does not have a policy to buy a house. Xiaobian also collates the loan conditions and materials for you to buy a house in California. You can also refer to the loan conditions for buying a house in California. Let’s have a look! However, it is not easy to buy […]

Financial knowledge: refinance

Refinance is “refinancing,” specifically the financial process of reapplying for a new loan to pay off an existing loan. The new loan will have a lower interest rate than the existing one, which will significantly help you reduce your monthly payments and improve your current financial situation and ability to pay. When do I need […]

Real estate loans and refinancing

For most of human history, borrowing money was a despicable act. Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, there is a courtier on his son’s departure instructions, which repeatedly told him not to borrow money, neither to borrow money from others, nor to lend money to others. In fact, this is also a principle that we Chinese have abided by […]

How is the loan more appropriate? What are the advantages of borrowing to buy a house?

With the continuous rise of housing prices, many families can only purchase houses through loans. When everyone in the bank successfully for a loan, then certainly must begin to repay the bank’s loan. But some people don’t know how to pay them back. Let’s take a look at how to pay back a loan and […]

How can foreigners apply for housing loan?

When global asset allocation has become a trend of investment and financial management, the United States, the world’s economically developed superpower with high-quality education, has become a “hot spot” in the eyes of overseas investors. But not all people will choose to buy a house with one-time cash payment. Many people still choose to borrow […]

Let’s take a look at your list of bank deposit products. Have you received big data from big platforms?

Hello everyone, I can let you know more about bank deposit products! Those who are familiar with Daodao’s previous evaluation should know that the weekly issue of bank deposit products are actually evaluated and introduced based on the bank deposit products on several major platforms. However, this evaluation has been limited by the limitations of […]

When is it more cost-effective to apply for refinancing in the United States

When most people buy houses in the United States, one unavoidable problem is loans. Even foreigners without American status can get loans to buy a house in the United States. However, after the loan in the United States, if the loan interest rate is significantly reduced or the credit score is significantly increased, in order […]